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Monstera Thai Constellation : Long elusive but finally available at last! A gorgeous variation classic specimen. The variegation on the foliage truly looks like the night sky. Because of this mutation, these are going to be relatively slow growers compared to regular deliciosa. They are climbers that get larger in size when given a moss pole to grow upon. Young plants usually do not produce fenestration until they mature, so small plants will start with solid leafs (no splits).

Light:These will need in a bright space with filtered light. Because of the variegation, they need slightly brighter conditions than regular deliciosa due to the lack of chlorophyll. It is best to avoid any sort of direct sun as this can potential burn foliage.

Water: Water as the top 2-3" of soil is dry which may be roughly 7-10 days. When re-potting use a semi-coarse soil medium. For best growth results, these would prefer something to climb up like a moss pole.

Size: 4" nursery pot