We guarantee you’ll notice improvements in not only air quality, but quality of life when you add a plant to your home, office, or business. Here at Riza we take the time work with you to find the perfect specimens that will flourish in that environment and give you the knowledge to care for them as well!

Consultation: Take 20 minutes out of your day and walk us through your space so we can help you curate a plant design for your business or home.

Virtual consultation: If you would like to schedule a consultation via zoom instead of a home visit we are more than happy to adapt and talk virtually!

Design: Based on the aesthetic of the space, maintenance level and lighting requirements we hand pick the perfect plants tailored to your needs. We design with your personality and aesthetic and will work with any budget. Minimum home/office design fee is $1,000; this includes at-home consultation, hand selected plants repotted in Riza pottery, and delivered to your home or business.

Maintenance: We will make sure the plants look their best and ensure they are THRIVING in their new home/workplace. We do offer maintenance for Napa California area and provide personalized care cards to ensure longevity with each installation. Our maintenance program starts at $175/month and incrementally increases based on the number of plants and square footage.

*If you’re interested in a small handful of plants, we encourage you to visit our storefront on 1300 First street suite 355 in downtown Napa. Our botanical babes are incredibly knowledgeable and can help guide you through the selection process. Feel free to bring in photos and video of your space and where you envision your plants.*