Riza, which translates to “roots” in greek hand picks only the highest quality indoor plants. We believe that the foundation under the soil of a plant is just as important as what’s going on above. A root system of a plant absorbs water and minerals, stores nutrients, anchors the plant, and does so much more. In order for anything to thrive it needs a stable foundation. We believe that caring for a plant is pretty much the same concept. One must absorb information and grow experience in order to make your plant reach it’s full potential. The mission of Riza is to educate and spread joy on how awesome plants can be and how they benefit your everyday life. We take the time and patience to help plant lovers of all levels to find and care for their new plant babies. We truly believe that owning and caring for a plant roots a unique feeling in our hearts that radiates a pure form of bliss. Join our little plant community and let’s spread the plant love!


Hi I’m Alyssa! Founder and owner of Riza. I have always loved plants, but my journey truly began when I went to college on Oahu, Hawaii. Honolulu is known for being the “concrete jungle” because even though it now is a large city filled with sky scrapers and buildings, it is covered with lush tropical plants in between. It was not uncommon to see some of my favorite houseplants out in the wild or between sidewalks in downtown! I would do my homework at my favorite plant/coffee shop PAIKO in Kaka’ako, and on weekends participate in their Plant 101 workshops. I became obsessed with learning about plants, and every free second I had between school and work I would be researching about the care of a new houseplant I purchased. I applied all of my plant knowledge to my Business Major end of the year project “How to start a plant shop”. Since moving back from Oahu I have gained more education by receiving my Napa County Master gardener certification and working at a plant nursery selling plants and doing landscape design.

My goal is to inform the general public of how rewarding and easy owning a plant can be! So many people have tried caring for plants, but have given up and categorized themselves as “plant killers” or having a “black/brown thumb”. Well, I believe there are no such things as any color thumb! Plants can be complex, but with proper care they can easily flourish and become the highlight of your whole day. It takes experience and knowledge to find what plant works best for you, and that’s where we come in! Once you find that, there is no better feeling than watching something grow and enjoying that bloom or new leaf that YOU helped that plant make. I’m here to guide you through your plant journey and share why this is my ever growing passion!!!