Rooting Joy

Riza, which translates to “roots” in greek hand picks only the highest quality indoor plants. We believe that the foundation under the soil of a plant is just as important as what’s going on above. A root system of a plant absorbs water and minerals, stores nutrients, anchors the plant, and does so much more. In order for anything to thrive it needs a stable foundation. We believe that caring for a plant is pretty much the same concept. One must absorb information and grow experience in order to make your plant reach it’s full potential. The mission of Riza is to educate and spread joy on how awesome plants can be and how they benefit your everyday life. We take the time and patience to help plant lovers of all levels to find and care for their new plant babies. We truly believe that owning and caring for a plant roots a unique feeling in our hearts that radiates a pure form of bliss. Join our little plant community and let’s spread the plant love!